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Architectural Firm
  • facciata di palazzina monesiglio, architettura Torino
    Monesiglio Palace
  • interno di un appartamento ristrutturato dallo studio di architettura artom & zanotti
    Borgo Po
  • interno dello studio artom & zanotti di Torino
  • Rendering ostana
  • Interno appartamento ristrutturata
    Borgo Po
  • Fronte su corte della caserma morelli (Torino)
  • Render camera di commercio di monza
    CDC Monza
  • Disegno a mano libero del progetto manifattura tabacchi a torino
    Manifattura Tabacchi
  • Tavola Valentino
  • Tavola Valentino

The Firm

The Firm

What we do

The artom & zanotti firm coordinates the productivity of a series of professionals with specialist skills, favoring the optimization of the building's energy resources.
The scope of operation of the firm ranges from architectural design to restoration of monuments, from building renovation to the management and accounting of public and private works, from safety to interior design.
The firm is unceasingly committed to updating its professional skills around the issues related to the use of innovative technologies applied to new materials. Furthermore, we pursue with particular attention the environmental and landscape issues.


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Architectural Design
& Renovation

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Interior Design

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Fire Prevention and Safety

picture by Fabio Oggero



Years of experience
in the field

"So as the cities change before our eyes, in our daily work we try obstinately to pursue, with the tools of our profession, the dialogue with reality, with history, with the city, which still seem to us the solid elements of certainty of doing architecture"

anita artom e carlo italo zanotti

"Architecture is the substance of things hoped for"

edoardo persico

Main Clients

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