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The Firm

Carlo Italo Zanotti - Architect | Founder

Foto dell'architetto carlo italo zanotti

He was born in Cavarzere (Venice) on 25 June 1955. He graduated with honors from the Turin Polytechnic on July 17 1980, and completed his professional training at prestigious Turin studios.
In particular, he collaborated between 1978 and 1980 with the Libidarch associate studio and from 1980 to 1983 he worked with the architects M.F. Roggero and Agostino Magnaghi on the renovation and rehabilitation projects of the block called "ex Podgora Barracks" for the Departments of Biology and Earth Sciences.
In 1981 in Paris, he completed his professional training at the Arch. J. P. Buffi architectural firm, collaborating in particular on the executive project of the Institute of French Culture in Lisbon.

He opened his own studio in 1984 and in 1992 he founded the firm artom & zanotti associate architects with Anita Artom.
Adviser of the Professional Association of Architects of the Province of Turin (1994/96) and delegated architect for the Public Authorities monitoring as personnel responsible for Public Works.

Co-creator since 2005 with Merkurio Progetti Musicali of the event "Music and spaces, meetings between architecture and music" of which he is scientific manager of the architecture sector.
Creator and organizer of the design workshops for the spaces dedicated to music "the sound and the space", in collaboration with the Foundation for Architects and the Polytechnic of Turin; designated teachers: prof. arch. Franco Lattes - Architectural Composition (Dipradi) and prof. arch. Arianna Astolfi - Acoustics (Dener).

Member of the Professional Association of Architects of the Province of Turin from 1983 at n.1950

  • professional qualification for the purpose of issuing certificates of fire prevention referred to in articles. 1 and 2 of the law n. 818 of 07/02/198484
  • technical-scientific in-depth study on "environmental impact assessment", a trend and design update seminar on social welfare facilities
  • specialization course on safety in mobile construction sites (Legislative Decree 494/96 article 10). Enclosed copy of the certificates issued by the order of architects of the province of Turin
  • refresher course on the topic: methodology and practice for the development of the security and coordination plan and the technical dossier (legislative decree 494/96). Teacher: arch. L. Carretta - Turin 11 June 1999
  • participation, through a call for tender for titles and curriculum, to the teaching and workshops activities for the real professions project (2004-2005)
  • project of the CRT foundation with the home-city department of the Polytechnic University of Turin, cipet school institution, ecipa training, Confartigianato training, household training, oat foundation)
  • participation in three modules of didactic activities for the II edition of the real professions project (2005-2007)
  • participation in the teaching activity for the III edition of the real professions project (2007-2008). Case study: historical architecture in piedmont and valle d'aosta
    • cathedral of novara
    • technical and material crafts
    • terracotta and stone artefacts
  • participation in the conference "conservation and adaptation of ecclesiastical cultural heritage" organized by the Restaurea Group at the Theater Piccolo Valdocco-Turin May 2005
  • participation in the 12-hour professional training seminar organized by the foundation of the order of architects, planners, landscapers and curators for the province of Turin, concerning the use of structural glass in civil architecture-Turin May 2006
  • participation in the "transparent building casing" conference. Integrated facades for energy efficiency. Organized by Polytechnic of Turin and Fresia Alluminio in March 2009
  • 40-hour refresher course on safety in mobile construction sites (Legislative Decree 81/2008), organized by the foundation of the Order of Architects of the Province of Turin. April 2009
  • participation in the teaching activity of the IV edition of the real trades project (2009). Topics covered: green building and energy management
  • participation in the technical update seminar "designing and building in class A" promoted and organized by "edicom edizioni" - Monfalcone (GO) - September 2010
  • participation in the training seminar "the safety of work at high altitudes" organized by the association “linea vita” – October 2011
  • participation in the conference "extensions and additions in superelevation with wooden construction systems" organized by “edicom edizioni”-Monfalcone (GO) – May 2012

Anita Artom - Architect | Founder

Foto dell'architetto anita artom

She was born in Asti on July 4, 1958. She graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin in 1984, supervisor Aimaro Isola. She completed her professional training at private studios in Turin, in particular she collaborated between 1983 and 1984 with the firm of the arch. Cesare Volpiano, dealing mainly with Restoration and Conservate Rehabilitation of important historical buildings including:

  • Baronino Complex - Casale Monferrato (AL) for the insertion of Administrative Offices for the Piedmont Region
  • Le Vallere farmhouse - Moncalieri (TO) for renovation and arrangement of the fluvial park and museum.

From 1984 to 1991 she collaborated with the arch. Carlo Italo Zanotti, dealing mainly with residential construction and public works. In 1992 she founded the firm artom & zanotti associate architects with Carlo Italo Zanotti.

Member of the Professional Association of Architects of the Province of Turin from 1987 at No. 2533




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Our Services

Preliminary Draft

Weighted choice of the best design solution, graphic representation and first economic estimate

Definitive Project

Complete drafting of the project drawings, technical report, estimating metric calculations, presentation of building practices (Cila, Scia, building permit).
Enabling the telematic delivery of project deeds to public administrations (Electronic signature and use of the MUDE system)

Executive Project

Complete drafting of the project drawings: technical report, executive drawings, construction details, estimative metric calculation, price list, general and special specifications, contract outline, security plans and technical documentation, safety metric estimate

Construction Supervision

The firm guarantees a careful and precise presence on site, uses computer programs to manage the order and accounting for the work (public and private works). Checking of the building tracing, accounting register, measurement booklet, completion of work progress, issue of payment certificate, certificate of regular execution


The firm has a long standing experience in the sector, appropriate software to manage any types of orders (public and private) and has proven experience in the field of infrastructure (road works, underpasses, railway overpasses, viaducts in metal and / or pre-stressed concrete), in the field of civil and educational construction and in the restoration and renovation of buildings, including large ones


The firm is qualified to operate in the fire-prevention design sector, attending over the years a regulatory updates and design refresher courses with particular attention to the use of the systems and materials necessary to guarantee a dual approach related to the safety of users and the building

Interior and Design

The firm pays particular attention to the design of the interior spaces of a building or a single apartment. Starting from a careful listening to the client, according to the budget, we put great care into the articulation of the spaces, the light, the choice of materials, the color of the rooms, the construction details. We are able to design and make custom furnishings


The firm can provide any type of technical advice: building, land registry, urban and energy (tax relief and tax deductions), restoration, interior design, fire protection and safety on site


The firm is able to produce every document necessary to design, direct and deliver the finished work: certificate of practicability, certificate of habitability, energy certification, cadaster, report Law 10 (facilities)


Who cooperated:

  • dott. ing. Alberto Zanotti (Webmaster)
  • arch. Francesco Bellezza Quater
  • arch. Alessandro Betta
  • arch. Edoardo Boero
  • arch. Mirna Colpo
  • arch. Monica Cristofoli
  • arch. Fabio Gherardi
  • arch. Carlo Giovene
  • dott. arch. Adriana Pérez Ruiz
  • ing. Sergio Curcio
  • ing. Ivano Favaro
  • ing. Michele Peradotto
  • prof. arch. Arianna Astolfi (Musica & Spazi)
  • dott.ssa Angela Cappabianca (Musica & spazi)
  • ing. Maria Giovannini (Musica & Spazi)
  • dott.ssa Eliana Grasso (Musica & Spazi)
  • arch. Alessia Griginis (Musica & Spazi)
  • prof. arch. Franco Lattes (Musica & Spazi)
  • Laura Ciociola
  • Angela Comba
  • Luca Derossi
  • Micol Doppieri
  • Francesca Pronello
  • Chiara Sponza
  • Raissa Stanco
  • Stefania Totis
  • Matteo Valente
  • Michele Vomera